What ages does Camp Gan Israel serve?

What do the children do?
They have a great time!
Campers enjoy a wide array of sporting activities, including: soccer, archery, volleyball, and baseball. They will also enjoy art, drama, cooking, Mad Science programs, water activities, and exciting field trips.
What makes Camp Gan Israel stand out, is that al those activities are infused with our unique Gan Israel spirit, and our staff to ensure they educational, promote leadership skills, self confidence, friendship and instill a strong sense of Jewish pride.

What about safety?
Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of our campers. Counselors to camper ratios are structured to maintain the highest levels of supervision at all times. All activities and trips are selected with highest level of safety in mind.  
While we aim to provide a fun experience, with enriching programming in a positive environment, our primary focus will always be on ensuring Camp Gan Israel is a secure place for children.

What makes your camp special?
There are many factors, including our program which keeps kids engaged and excited to the point that they can't wait to come to camp in the morning. Additionally, Jewish culture is brought to life at Gan Israel. Campers are imbued with a deep sense of pride in their heritage and a love for Israel.
However our secret is our handpicked team. Our counselors are chosen from an international network of students for their love for children, professionalism, and joyful personalities.